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This website brings together all Tenpin Bowling tournaments which may be of interest to English bowlers.


The calendar is based around weekends, as that is when the majority of events take place. The actual dates of the tournaments are also listed.


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If you want to make an offline copy or print the whole calendar, you should right click on the calendar page, you can 'Select All', then 'Copy' it onto the clipboard of your PC. From here, it pastes nicely into Excel, and with a little resizing of columns, it looks just like the online version. If you intend distributing the hardcopy, or putting it on a notice board, then we would ask you to please add a reference to the website.


The information on this website is drawn from a variety of sources, and is not guaranteed to be accurate. Any errors or omissions should be reported through the Contact tab, or by sending an email to Entry forms for publication should also be sent to the email link.


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